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  • Enhance your playing performance, it`s Boweasy.

    An in-play ergonomic musical accessory to help reduce playing related injury of the bowing hand. 

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    The Boweasy was develop in Ulster University as part of a PhD. The research focused on injuries associated with Irish traditional fiddle playing and their prevalence. The findings from this research informed the design development of new and appropriate solutions to manage Playing Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (PRMDs) which affect Irish traditional fiddle players. 

    This research project was founded and informed by the Safetrad.com project, which was established to research and highlight the problem of playing related injury in Irish traditional music. 



    Boweasy is a well-being product, designed for all bow string players (beginner, hobbyist and professional) as it tackles many issues associated with the task of bowing, such as: 

    · Point load

    · Risk of pain and injury 

    · Fear of dropping the bow 

    · Unintentional movement of the hand on the bow 

    The product is easy to attach to the bow, and requires no learning curve as it is designed to be customisable to suit the players individual bow grip.


    Playing related injury (PRI) affects 40% to 80% of musicians


    Our research found that around 30% of traditional bow string players are affected by hand pain and injury. The bow hold was found to be a contributing factor to pain and injury in this area. Factors identified which can influence the musician’s bow hold (tightening the grip to maintain the desired level of control over the bow while playing) were: 

    · Fatigue (Due to long periods of play) 

    · Fear of dropping the bow 

    · Unintentional movement of the hand on the bow


    To use the bow, holding it is inherent, and requires a level of pressure from the hand to maintain desired control. Our research found that over a single tune, a musician holding the bow, can apply a point load on the tip of their thumb equivalent to 2 bags of sugar (4KG). As it is not uncommon for musicians to play for several hours at a time, a point load of this nature can be a serious issue, and introduce factors like fatigue sooner, which can lead to pain and injury.  

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